The gift of a garden...

Launched in 2016, the creative residency at the McLoughlin Gardens invites working artists to pursue their artistic practice while building community engagement in the arts in the Comox Valley. 

We believe that giving artists time and space to create enriches the community in countless ways. 

The residencies at the McLoughlin Gardens currently include one six-week to two-month period for visual artists and one six-week to two-month period for poets or writers.

Fundraising news!
We had a wonderful turnout for the screening of “The Gardener,” the documentary about Frank Cabot and his remarkable garden in Quebec, Quatre Vents. We raised close to $1,500 (after expenses) for the Society’s various projects, including the repair of the front porch at the cottage, the installation of an information box, and the upcoming residencies this summer.

Tucked away on a rocky beach at the end of Tasman Road in Merville, the McLoughlin Gardens provides the perfect setting for quiet reflection and creative work.

Seals bask on the rocks at low tide. Ravens, herons and eagles are frequent visitors, along with deer, mink, and otter. 

Brian and Sarah McLoughlin in the garden in 1998.

Brian and Sarah McLoughlin in the garden in 1998.

Extra pairs of gumboots were always on hand for visitors to the "farm," as it was called in those days. Proper footwear was needed for gathering seaweed on the beach, bringing in the firewood, weeding, mulching, and pruning the nut trees, and for going out for a stroll in the rain!

Sarah's Garden.1.JPG